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Encaustic 101: Image Transfers

Have you already read my tutorial on Getting Started in Encaustics and Making Your Own Paints? Have you already picked up all your encaustic supplies? Then read on…. Transferring images onto wax is easy! First, prepare your surface with an even layer of encaustic paint…

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Encaustic 101: Making Your Own Paints

Are you ready to make your own paints? Have you already read my blog on getting started in encaustics? Then read on! Step 1: Supplies. (You can find a great list of money saving options on my Encaustic Supply page). You’ll need damar resin, beeswax…

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Encaustic 101: Getting Started

Are you interested in painting with encaustics? Here’s where to start! Step 1: Education. Want to teach yourself? Buy and read “The Art of Encaustic Painting” by Joanne Mattera. This is the most accurate and up to date guide on encaustic painting that has been…

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