Recent Work

Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months. This is a derivative work that came from working on a series, tentatively titled “Seen But Not Heard” which is comprised of portraits of homeless people.

This is an example of a small tangent I went on during the course of the Seen But Not Heard project, right around my birthday. “No More Happy Birthdays” is a reference to the cultural rituals we partake in and how, something as universal as a birthday celebration, is refused to certain members of society. Who throws a birthday party for a homeless person? Who even thinks about them on their birthdays? What do you think about on your birthday? I propose that the average beggar measures his life by completely different criteria, where a birthday is no longer a milestone. For them, another birthday is another regret… another missed opportunity… another sad memory. The opposite of all that a birthday is supposed to represent.

More images are coming soon. By the way, I would welcome your feedback and would love to see some comments about this work and the “thesis” above. As you know, the graduate school deadlines are approaching and I could use some positive reinforcement! :-) (or constructive criticism)